Women Empowerment Scheme


“We need to better recognise and harness the fundamental contribution of women to food security and nutrition. For that, we must close persisting gender gaps in agriculture in Africa.”


José Graziano da Silva,

Director-General, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO),

Agriculture is one of the most potentially viable sectors of the Nigerian economy. Though agriculture contributed only 21.97% to the National GDP in 2013 (rebased figures), in terms of employment, agriculture is by far the most important sector of Nigeria's economy, engaging about 70% of the labour force.  Of this number, it is estimated that 60-80% are women in the rural areas who for all intents and purposes are at the bottom of the pyramid with no real say in decisions that affect their livelihood.

In most developing countries, women rarely have access to working tools and resources let alone own lands, as more focus is given to the male counterpart which may be due to religion, societal values or culture. This gender imbalance has been described as a major factor militating against the development of agriculture in Africa, thereby holding back progress towards ending hunger. According to the UN, if women farmers have the same access to resources as men, the number of hungry people in the world could be reduced by up to 150m.

One major hindrance is the lack of access to funds necessary to expand their agro businesses. Women rarely have collateral which is a major requirement of the banks in lending and without this important asset; women are highly unlikely to gain access to funds. It is estimated that women hold only 10% of the credit available to small-holder agriculture (UN Women Press Release 2012)

As a result of  this and in contribution towards, the SDG goals of Zero Hunger and No Poverty, SENCE Agric is setting up a women empowerment  scheme to support women both with loans and operational support to enable them overcome some of the challenges they face and develop sustainable agro-businesses.

About the Scheme.

The scheme seeks to provide women with the support they need to reach their full potential. The support will be  in the form of:

  • Micro loans

  • Basic business management training

  • Access to markets

The funds will be  provided in the form of  inputs and so no cash will be handed over to the beneficiaries,  SENCE Agric will monitor the purchase and delivery of inputs to the farmers and also monitor the operation of the business to ensure that the loan are repaid.

Target audience:

Smallholder or agro-SME (women) involved in;

  • Vegetable farming.

  • Poultry farming with moribund farms or intention to expand.

  • Annual crop farming

  • Processing

Conditions for selection of farmers:


  • Applicant must be following us on our social media pages.

  • Farmer must have an existing farm

  • Farmer must have an updated farm records.

  • Farmer must have at least two (2) years of experience in his/her field.

  • Evidence of ownership of land either by inheritance, lease or outright purchase must be provided.

  • Farmer must have and be ready to present a reliable guarantor.


The loan:

The scheme will include a N500,000 (Five Hundred Thousand Naira only) loan and operational support in the form of training that will ensure sustainability of business.

Please note; loans will not be granted to farmers in cash but in inputs. Farmers will specify the inputs or supplies needed for production or expansion purposes (e.g. Seeds, fertilizers, chemicals, birds, feed, antibiotics, and any other supplies). Assets will be procured for the farmer according to the farmer’s specification while we pay for them directly.   

(Terms and condition apply)

If  you are interested kindly fill out the form by click here on the link http://bit.ly/2moBTWQ

NB: Applications closes in Two (2) weeks