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 Work Opportunities 

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Traineeship and Internship Opportunities in Europe

SENCE Agric in collaboration with ApS, an international organization with interests in different areas people development is creating an opportunity for young people between the ages of 18 - 35 to gain work experience in Agriculture, Hospitality, Horticulture, Food technology etc in European countries such as Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Norway  and Sweden. The opportunities are open to


1. Students who desire to take a gap year and intern in a company in any of those countries.

2. Graduates of  no more than  4 years post graduation in the relevant fields.














Current Opportunities

 Click the links below to see current opportunities.

Agric internship opportunity in Denmark for 12-18 months (for students) 

Agric traineeship opportunity in Germany for 12 months (for graduates) 

For the terms and conditions please see below 


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Details of the Programs

The program covers a number of countries including Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany etc. Each program is different but you will have the chance to work with a farm or hospitality company in the country. The work hours are the typical 40 hours work week, with paid vacation each year. The pay is from €1000+ per month. Each person will sign a contract with the company they will be working with and the conditions will be spelt out. The contract will be administered by SENCE Agric partners Bixter Denmark, who will be your contact when you arrive. We advise that you read the contract carefully before signing so that if you are not comfortable with the provisions you can change your mind before signing.

The Work

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The fees for the programs varies by country, program area and duration but the following is a sample of the fees you will be expected to pay'

Step 1 - Pre- assessment Test -  N158,000

1.     Background check - N31,000

2.     Medical Test - N27,000

3.     Processing fee - N100,000

This fee is unchanging and is paid once we receive your transcript or are invited to submit your documents. Once evidence of payment is received we will conduct your tests. The result of the checks will determine if you will proceed to the next level. Please note that any money paid at this stage of the process is non-refundable. We advise that you take time to assess your preparedness to move forward with this. 

Step 2 - Document Collation (Paid in Euros)

Fees - €1429 (visa processing and administrative fees). This fee differs depending on the country and the program. It could be less or more.

Visa fee - Depends on each country and their embassy.

Note that this does not include  the cost of your flight ticket. All arrangements to arrive in the country of deployment is entirely yours. We may be able to assist you if you need assistance with booking your flight ticket. 

Once your fees have been paid your documents will be processed and your visa application submitted. Please note that these fees are non refundable once the process starts. It is your duty to ensure that all the documents you submit are authentic and accurate. Any submission that the embassy considers fake and unverifiable will result in a refusal of your application and your traineeship journey terminated. 

For more information please send an email to

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