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SENCE Agric Limited, is a leading agriculture consultancy based in Lagos, Nigeria. We provide due diligence, feasibility, market research, and ESG services to companies looking to invest in the agriculture sector in West Africa, especially Nigeria.

With our team of experienced consultants and researchers, we help our clients navigate the complex landscape of the agriculture industry and identify opportunities for growth and success. Our deep knowledge of the local market, combined with our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, sets us apart from other consultancy firms.

At SENCE Agric Limited, we believe that agriculture has the power to transform economies and improve the lives of people in Africa and around the world. That's why we're passionate about helping our clients make a positive impact through their investments in the sector.

Whether you're a small-scale farmer looking to expand your operations or a multinational corporation seeking to enter the West African market, we're here to help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your agriculture-related goals.

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Empowering You to Make Informed Decisions About Agriculture Investments

Our mission is to empower our farmers to create a more prosperous and secure future for themselves and their communities. We know the importance of agriculture in Africa as the foundation of economic development and a major source of employment and food security, and so we strive to provide farmers with the knowledge and resources they need to increase their agricultural productivity and profitability, as well as to strengthen their resilience in the face of extreme weather and climate change. Our goal is to create a sustainable and equitable agricultural system that can ensure a brighter future for all.

As an agriculture consulting firm, we believe that investment in agriculture is essential for the success and sustainability of African agriculture and one of the most effective ways to improve the lives of people living in the continent. With the right investments, Africa’s agriculture sector can become a major driver of economic growth, helping to put the continent on a path to sustainable development.

Unfortunately, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) principles are becoming increasingly important to investors, as they are looking to ensure that their investments are socially responsible and have a positive impact on the environment. However, the narrative is oppressive and unfair to African businesses who are grappling with too many issues to be ESG compliant. The opportunities are there but the knowledge and expertise are not. SENCE Agric is here to bridge the gap.


 We offer our clients a wide range of services, from ESG compliance and investor readiness to due diligence and feasibility studies to agribusiness structuring and organizational development, to ensure that their investments in agriculture are well-planned, efficient, and effective.With the help of a professional agriculture consulting firm, such as ours, governments and private investors can make informed decisions about the best ways to invest in agriculture, leading to a brighter future for Africa.

Providing Tailored Solutions to Meet Your Unique Needs

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