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Employee Home Gardening

Welcome to our Employee Home Gardening Program page! This innovative initiative is designed to help employers support their employees by supplementing their incomes and promoting food security through home gardening. By providing employees with the tools and knowledge to grow their own food, employers can enhance the well-being of their workforce and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Project Overview

Our Employee Home Gardening Program offers a unique opportunity for employers to empower their employees. The program involves providing employees with branded starter packs that contain everything they need to start their own home gardens. These packs include seeds, compost, potting soil, and more, all designed to make gardening accessible and enjoyable.


Benefits of the Program

  • Supplemental Income: Employees can grow their own food, reducing grocery expenses and potentially selling surplus produce.

  • Food Security: Access to fresh, home-grown vegetables and herbs enhances food security for employees and their families.

  • Health and Nutrition: Home gardening provides access to a variety of fresh, nutritious foods, promoting better health and well-being.

  • Sustainability: Encouraging employees to grow their own food supports sustainable living practices and reduces environmental impact.


What We Provide

  1. Branded Starter Packs: Each pack is tailored to your company and includes seeds, compost, potting soil, and other essential gardening tools.

  2. Training and Support: Comprehensive training sessions cover everything from soil preparation and planting techniques to pest management and water conservation.

  3. Ongoing Assistance: Our support hotline and online forums, hosted on platforms like WhatsApp, allow employees to share experiences and seek advice from gardening experts.


How It Works

  1. Consultation: We work with your company to understand your specific needs and customize the program accordingly.

  2. Distribution: We deliver branded starter packs to your employees, ensuring they have all the tools necessary to begin their gardening journey.

  3. Training: Our team conducts training sessions to guide employees through the gardening process, ensuring they have the knowledge and confidence to succeed.

  4. Support: We provide ongoing support through various channels to address any questions or challenges employees may encounter.

Get Involved

Join us in fostering a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle for your employees. By participating in our Employee Home Gardening Program, you can make a positive impact on their lives and contribute to a greener future. Contact us today to learn more about how your company can get involved and support your employees in growing what they eat.

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Contact US 

For more information about our Employee Home Gardening Program and to get started, please reach out to us at: or  +234 803 457 5206

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