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A typical Nigeria farmer has problem accessing funds to either start or expand.
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May 15, 2019
Nice topic. Thanks for bringing this up.. Well, it's quite true that the big farmers are the ones having access to funding but a critical look into the so called "big farmers" will tell you why they enjoy the facility. 1 they keep proper recor and data. 2 they are well structured and regulated 3. They Ave a good forecast 4. They are enlightened n risk takers 5. They are conscious of the fact that debt is cheaper than equity. Etc. All these are some of the factors the funding agencies look out for before giving it out. And these are things most peasant farmers lack. To discuss the topic at hand, I will split it into two 1. how to access it: peasant farmers can access funds primarily through cooperative. They should form a corporative society such that they can access loans at a very cheap rate. They should keep record of their day-day activities. Extension workers also have a big role to play to get this mission accomplished.(through sensitization and awareness). How can the funding be affordable? The truth of the matter is banks prefer to give farmers loan compared to those in oil n gas. CBN and BOA are trying their best .. They give out loans to farmers at a single interest rate of 9% example is the commercial Agriculture credit scheme (CACS loan) I'll like you guys to read about it, we've NIRSAL loan, BOA Loan etc. All these loans and or funding can be granted only if the peasant farmers form a corporative, keep proper record n reading the guidelines (extension workers) to knw the conditions preceedent to draw down. I believe these would help them access affordable funding to propel thir bine o the next level


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